For INJURED OR SICK badgers please ring the

07751 572175

This line is manned by a volunteer 24 hrs a day, all year round.

For NON URGENT matters, please call in daytime hours.

If the volunteer is unable to respond to your call immediately, please leave a message on the voicemail and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

However, if your call is of an urgent nature and is diverted to voicemail, please call the RSPCA 24hr hotline No:
0300 1234 999.



North East Essex Badger Group holds a huge database of badger setts.
We are able to carry out a data search for consultancies for ‘desk study’ purposes. This helps to ensure that potential issues that may impact on badgers are spotted early on in the development process, allowing developers to factor in any required mitigation or redesign plans where necessary. This reduces unexpected delays and protects badgers from accidental impact.
If you would like us to carry out a data search please contact us on or 07751 572175.  We aim to respond within 3 working days and carry out a data search within 7 working days once we have received confirmation that fees are acceptable.


Much developement takes place near to a badger sett, thus setts may be destroyed and foraging areas lost. Badgers are territorial, so they cannot move (or be moved) to another area. NEEBG surveys for badgers and assesses planning applications to ensure the badgers are protected .

We provide information to planners, developers and the public on how developement can take place without harm to badgers. Measures may include building fewer houses, providing extra foraging, protection zone around setts or fenced badger corridors so badgers can travel safely.


An estimated 50.000 badgers are killed on our roads each year and many others are badly injured. NEEBG rescues injured badgers and works with local councils to erect badger warning signs at badger crossing points and advises on implementing such measures as badger tunnels under new roads and installing badger proof fencing.

As a last resort badger setts may have to be closed down under license. Under these circumstances the occupants of such setts can be provided with a new home in an artificial sett. NEEBG has constructed several of these succesfully.